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​"Breeding Beyond Standard"


Basic Nutrition Information

Commercial Dog Food:  This breed needs a high protein diet.  You should read the ingredients of any dog food you are considering to make sure the first few ingredients are meat or meat by-products.  You want a dog food with a 29% or higher protein content.  Because these dogs have large muscles they will burn through calories very quickly, therefore it is very important to give them a high quality dog food with a high protein content.  Do not overfeed your dog as this will put unnecessary stress on their growing joints and can cause health issues later on in life such as hip dysplasia.

Raw Diet:  Should consist of 80% meat, 10% organ, and 10% bone.  You should also incorporate vegetables and fruit to keep the digestive system balanced.  The ratio is very important because too little bone and you get constant diarrhea and too much bone and you will get constipation and even possibly an impaction.  Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are natural remedies to avoid constipation which can occur if the dog gets too much bone.  If you are concerned about giving your dogs raw bones, you can use a 10-grain equivalent bone meal powder in place of the raw bone.  If you are interested in pursuing this alternative, please do extensive research to make sure this is right for you and your Dogue.

Hydration:  Dogs should have 1 ounce per pound of body weight daily.


They do need some general exercise like walks or running in a fenced in area.  I would limit their exercise to times of the day when it is cooler such as early morning or in the evening when it has cooled off.  This is very important to the health of your dog but be careful not to overdo it.  Because these dogs are brachycephalic they can overheat very easy.  Should you see signs of your dog being overheated (heavy panting, struggling for air, snorting noises) it is very important to get them cooled down as fast as possible.  The best way to cool down a dog quickly is to hose them down with cold water.  Do NOT give them ice cold water to drink.  This can cause the stomach to cramp and create a bloat situation.  I would recommend a cool coat if you are walking your dog in the summer and a kiddie pool in the backyard for them to lay in.  This will help keep your Dogue cool in the afternoon heat.

It is also important to not over exercise your puppy because you can do damage to their joints which can cause hip and elbow dysplasia later on.  Do not let your puppy run up and down the stairs, jump from the back of a truck, or jog with you until they have reached the age of 12 months.